Andrew B. Craig III

Andrew B. Craig III, Retired Special Limited Partner

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Andy Craig is a co-founder and former managing director of RiverVest®. Prior to his retirement in March 2011, he brought over 40 years of corporate leadership and management expertise to the firm, where most-recently he served as a special limited partner.

Before co-founding RiverVest, Andy was president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Boatmen’s Bancshares, which was acquired by NationsBank for $9.7 billion in 1996. He then became chairman of NationsBank until its acquisition of Bank of America.

“Through disciplined reporting and transparency, as if RiverVest were a public company, we have fostered confidence not just with our portfolio companies and LPs, but also with other venture capital firms. That is how we’ve garnered such significant access to investment opportunities.”

His many corporate board affiliations have included serving on the board of advisors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the boards of directors of Petrolite, Inc., Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., Laclede Gas Company and BJC Health Systems and advisory board of the Federal Reserve.