Thomas C. Melzer

Thomas C. Melzer, Managing Director

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Tom Melzer is a managing director and co-founder of RiverVest®. He works with portfolio company CEOs as a confidant and adviser on strategy, management and financing. Before co-founding RiverVest, Tom was one of a handful of individuals who had the distinction of directly influencing U.S. monetary policy. As president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Tom directed its involvement in the formulation of monetary policy, the supervision of banks, and the provision of payments services to depository institutions. In addition, he served on the FOMC, the Federal Reserve System’s chief monetary policymaking body, and chaired the investment committee for the Federal Reserve pension and thrift plans.

“We’ve set our sights high at RiverVest, assembling a top-notch team that has the technical training, operational expertise, and humility to work effectively with entrepreneurs in building great companies.”

Prior to joining the Federal Reserve, Tom was a managing director of Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc., where he was recognized as a trailblazer and troubleshooter in the areas of corporate finance, real estate finance and investment, strategic planning, and securities sales and trading. While director of the firm’s U.S. Government Securities department in the early 1980s, Tom turned around this money-losing division and grew it into a significant profit generator in ensuing years.

Presently, Tom is a former director at Centerre Healthcare Corporation, which was aquired by Kindred Healthcare in 2014.  He is also a former board observer at MacroGenics, Inc. (NASDAQ: MGNX), which went public in 2013, and CyDex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which was acquired by Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in 2011.

Outside of RiverVest, Tom holds board positions at Goldman Sachs Bank USA. He also serves on the National Council for the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis, the Advisory Board of the Stanford Institute of Economic Policy Research, and the board of directors of Parents as Teachers National Center, Inc., which he chairs.

Tom received his M.B.A. and B.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

“Not only do I, but Centerre’s entire management team and board of directors, highly respect, trust and value Tom’s strategic insight and judgment.  He’s an intent listener and provides effective guidance on the financing activities and strategic direction of the company.  He is a delight to work with and communicate with and truely makes a difference in the growth and success of Centerre.”Patrick Foster, President and CEO of Centerre Healthcare Corporation